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Here is a list of discontinued or refurbished products.
     All items are sold with a full money back guarantee and include a one year parts and labor warranty.
          Buy with confidence!

Telex Lapel Mic Lapel Microphone

Telex Logo
Omnidirectional lapel microphone for use with Telex portable body pack transmitters, such as the PST-16 and PST-170. Includes lapel clip.
1 meter cord, 4 pin female mini XLR connector.
These are refurbished units in very good condition.
OLM-10R   $34.95

LA-278 Headset Microphone

Listen Logo
The LA-278 headset microphone can be used with any Listen Technologies portable body pack transmitters.
1 meter cord, 3.5mm mono plug.
LA278R   $37.95

MIC 044 Headset Microphone

Williams Logo
High quality, headset microphone for tour guide or language translation applications. Microphone only.
1 meter cord, 3.5mm mono plug.
These units have been refurbished and operate to factory specifications.
MIC 044R   $56.95

Same model with working earphone.
1 meter cord, 2-3.5mm mono plugs.
MIC 044 2PR   $56.95

LA-454 Dual Headset Microphone

Listen Logo
The LA-454 dual-eared headset is designed to be used with two-way communications systems. It utilizesan over-eared construction to achieve passive, acoustic noise reduction of 14 dB, making this headset quite suitable for use in noisy environments. The unidirectional electret boom microphone also features onboard noise-reduction and a bandwidth of 120 Hz to 6 kHz, as well as a frequency response of 80 Hz to 15 kHz in the headphones. Refurbished in like new condition.
1 meter cord, 3.5mm TRRS plug.
LA454R   $100.95

MIC 036R Noise Attenuating Microphone Headset

Williams Logo
Williams Sound MIC 036 noise attenuating microphone. Noise-cancelling condenser mic with built in ear speaker. Works great for tour guide applications in high noise environments. Full earcups provide 24dB NRR noise attenuation. Adjustable headband. Can be used with a hard hat.
1 meter cord, 2 3.5mm mono plugs.
These units have been refurbished and operate to factory specifications.
MIC 036R   $99.95

MIC 027 Mini Shotgun Microphone

Williams Logo
A mini shotgun condenser microphone with a line + gradient polar pattern, specifically designed to provide the narrow angle desirable for long distance sound pickup. The rubber coated housing reduces handling noise. Includes wind screen.
48" Cord length, 3.5 mm plug.
These are sales sample units in like new condition.
MIC 027R   $57.95

MC049 Conference Table Microphone

AvPRO Logo
Very useful PZM (boundary type) microphone for any application requiring picking up sounds from a room and inputing them into a sound reinforcement system.
1 meter cord, 3.5mm mono plug.
These are sales sample units in very good condition.
MC049R   $49.95

LA-277 Table Conference Microphone

Listen Logo
This omnidirectional microphone is designed to sit on a table top. It works great for applications such as audio conferencing, voice amplification, meeting room monitoring and sound reinforcement. Stands 2 inches tall and has a weighted base.
3.5mm mono plug. 1/4" plug to 3.5mm jack adapter is also included.
These are demo units in like new condition.
LA277R   $58.95

MIC 061 Conference Table Microphone

Williams Logo
The conference table microphone is an attractive, hardwood base that contains an omnidirectional microphone element and a compartment to hold a portable transmitter. It can be used with the Williams Sound T16 or T30, turning the transmitter into a wireless conference microphone system. This is a refurbished unit in very good condition.
3.5mm mono plug.
Click on the photo for a closer look.
MIC 061R   $114.95