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IDP 008 ADA Wall Plaque

Williams Logo
Let people know that a hearing assistance system is available to them with this screen printed metal ADA compliant display plaque.
IDP 008   $12.95

LA-304 ADA Signage Kit

Listen Logo
An important part of the American's with Disabilities Act compliance policy is signage to identify the availability of auditory assistance equipment. This kit consists of a rigid sign and a static cling window sticker.
LA-304   $19.00

SM-WP ADA Wall Plaque

Telex Logo
A wall plaque is a great way to let people know that assistive listening systems are available for use. The Telex version is silver colored black plastic.
SM-WP   $10.00

Gentner Plaque ALS Wall Plaque

Gentner Logo
The Gentner version of a wall plaque to announce the availability of an assistive listening system in your facility.
Gentner part number 460-202-001.
GNTPLQ   $16.95

Gentner Sticker ALS Window Sticker

Gentner Logo
Gentner window sticker to announce the availability of an assistive listening system in your facility.
Gentner part number 460-202-002.
GNTSTK   $2.00

CA009 RCA Plug to 2 RCA Jacks Adapter Cable

AvPro Logo
This 6" shielded cable assembly allows for a hearing assistance transmitter to be added to a record out or tape out jack on a mixing board if it is already being used by another device.
CA009   $1.95

WC013 RCA Plug to RCA Plug Adapter Cable

AvPro Logo
This shielded cable allows for interfacing a hearing assistance transmitter to a mixing board or amplifier.
2 meter cord, RCA male to RCA male.
WC013   $3.95

Williams Logo
Same type cable from Williams Sound.
1 meter cord, RCA male to RCA male.
WCA 013   $5.95

AD013 Stereo to Mono Adapter

AvPro Logo
This audio adapter allows the use of earphones and headphones with a stereo plug in Williams Sound receivers. Converts the audio to apply sound to both ears.
AD013   $2.69

CA013 Stereo Extension Cable

AvPro Logo
4 meter long stereo extension cable. 3.5mm stereo plug to 3.5mm stereo jack, black.
CA013   $9.95

WCA 026 Attenuating Cable

Williams Logo
This 20dB attenuating cable allows you to interface a Williams Sound receiver with another device for direct input of transmitted PPA signals. Great for connecting to video cameras or remote speakers.
3.5mm mono plug to 3.5mm mono plug, 1 meter.

WCA 026   $12.95

LA-263 Auxiliary Input Cable

Listen Logo
The LA-263 input cable allows the LT-700 portable RF transmitter to simultaneously use a microphone and an additional line level audio source. When used, both the microphone and an additional line level audio source are summed together. The mute function on the transmitter only mutes the microphone.
3.5mm stereo plug to 3.5mm stereo jack and 3.5mm stereo plug, 1 foot.

LA-263   $9.00

WS001 Wrist Strap

AvPro Logo
Replacement wrist strap for Williams Sound receivers. Fits models R7, R7-4, R7-6 and R30 receivers. Easy to install and allows for the user to hang the receiver from the wrist while in use to keep both hands free.
WS001   $.95

LA-330 Portable Unit Lanyard

Listen Logo
The LA-330 portable unit lanyard is a simple, yet elegant way to enable users to wear portable audio units around their necks. The lanyard keeps the unit flat on the chest and has an adjustable strap to allow the wearer to tailor the length of the lanyard as needed.
LA-330   $5.99

Dial Labels Dial Mark Labels

AvPro Logo
Labels used to mark dial positons on amplifiers, mix boards and outboard gear. Sheet of 60, 20 each in red, orange and yellow.
LB002   $1.00

Alcohol Swabs Alcohol Swabs

AvPro Logo
Individually packaged alcohol swabs. Very handy for cleaning earphones between uses. Package of 100.
AS001   $5.95

TT005 Tuning Tool

AvPro Logo
Metal tipped tuning tool for changing channels on Williams Sound and Phonic Ear receivers or adjusting recessed trim pots.
TT005   $5.95

TT007 Tuning Screwdriver

Gentner Logo
Special tool for retuning Gentner RX-1A and RX-6 receivers.
TT007   $3.00

PLT 006 Flexible Eartip Installation Tool

Williams Logo
Handy tool for installing replacement flexible eartips on earbud earphones.
PLT 006   $15.95