Telex SR-400 Receiver

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The SR-400 receiver features advanced digital synthesized tuning to allow field tuning to any of the 17 narrow-band frequencies offered in the 72-76 MHz band. Features include a backlit LCD channel display, low battery indicator, and compatibility with the E.D.R. feature in the ST-300 and PST-170 transmitters for improved sound quality. The receiver also includes a special high frequency contour filter and boost switch to increase the intelligibility of the audio signal. Additional features include a battery saving automatic power shutoff when the earphone is unplugged.
Some have marks on the outer case and other minor cosmetic flaws but function to factory specifications.
Includes 2 Alkaline batteries but does not come with earphone.
Add the desired earphone from the earphones or headphones page.
Includes a one year parts and labor warranty from Crow River Audio.

SR-400R   $158.95

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