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New Program Assists Houses of Worship with Hearing Assistance Equipment

Minneapolis, MN - Due to the aging population, many houses of worship recognize the need to create or expand their ability to assist hearing impaired parishioners. Crow River Audio, a local value-added reseller and manufacturer of audio equipment, has announced a new program to assist smaller, budget-strapped churches with this need.

Crow River Audio has developed a program to refurbish hearing assistance equipment that has been traded in for newer equipment or purchased from churches that have closed their doors. Crow River Audio uses highly sophisticated equipment to document that the refurbished equipment is fully functional to original factory specifications. All transmitters and receivers sold through this program include a one year parts and labor warranty.

Roger Hilden, President of Crow River Audio, states that since churches often face difficulties in meeting their budgets, this program will help them obtain equipment to enable hearing impaired parishioners hear the Word clearly.

Crow River Audio has over 35 years of experience designing, manufacturing, and selling this type of equipment. They can also determine which of the major brands of equipment can be mixed and matched to put together a system that costs around half the cost of a new system with the same features.

"We have the luxury, in this day and age where electronic equipment becomes obsolete almost as soon as it is sold, that the frequencies that were set aside by the FCC back in the 1970s are still in use today with a minimal amount of interference in the ever-increasing RF spectrum," stated Hilden.

The consumable parts of the system, such as batteries, earphones, and headphones, are not refurbished. Crow River Audio has a private label line of those products, AvPRO, which make the consumables available for a lower cost than those from major manufacturers. Hilden has spent many years procuring parts as well as seeking out quality overseas suppliers in order to cut costs for Crow River Audio's customers.

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