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One-of-a-kind Items and Closeouts

Limited to stock on hand. No backorders.

To see a list of closeout items from FSR, click here.

MPH-1201 Aviation Style Headset

AvPro Logo
This aviation style headset from AvPRO provides 24dB of noise reduction in a style of headset that is easily recognizable as the standard of the industry. Lightweight design makes it easy to wear for long periods of time. The noise-canceling microphone makes it the choice for high noise environments such as racing or piloting aircraft. Has an ear cup mounted volume control. Includes wind screen. Comes unterminated.
Only one left!
MPH-1201   Was $199.95, now only $78.88

Gentner Studio Timer Gentner Studio Timer

Gentner Logo
Gentner studio timer in good condition. Has been refurbished and works great.
Switches on the front panel start, stop and reset the timer. Can also be wired for remote operation in multiple locations. Gentner part number 910-027-001.
To see a back panel view, click here.
Click on the photo for a closer look.
Only one available.
GNTTIMER   $68.88

A rack mount kit is available for this item.
GNTRK1R   $29.88

Aphex 103A Aphex Aurel Exciter 103A

Nicely refurbished Aphex Aurel Exciter, model 103A. Used to enhance audio recordings through increased presence and clarity as well as enhancing the perception of stereo imaging using psychoacoustics.
To view or print a copy of the user manual for the 103A, click here.
Shipping on this item is only $10 (U S addresses).
Only one available.
AE103A   $58.88

AB-2 Telex AB-2 Remote Antenna Bracket Kit

Telex Logo
The Telex AB-2 is a universal front mount 1/2 wave antenna kit. The kit includes 10' low-loss coaxial cable, front mount bracket, TNC adapter, mounting rings and screws. New in the original box.
Click on the photo for a closer look.
Only two available.
AB-2   $38.88

Intelix Balun Intelix Video Balun Set

Intelix Logo
Set of two Intelix video baluns, model AVO-V1-ST. Send composite video over Cat 5 or a single unshielded twisted pair cable up to 2,200 feet. No power supply required. These are brand new, purchased for a job and never used.
Click on the photo for a closer look.
Only one set available.
AVOV1ST   $19.88

Pro Co Insert Cable Pro Co 8 Channel Insert Snake

Pro Co Logo
10 foot, 8-channel Acculink multipair cable wired 8 x 1/4" TRS phone plugs on one end each wired to 2 x 1/4" TS phone plugs on the other, for a total of 16 x 1/4" TS phone plugs. It is Pro Co's part number MTIP0816Q-10.
This provides eight individual insert cables (send/return) per assembly.
This cable is brand new, purchased for a job and never used. Full Compass sells this same cable assembly for $227.86.
Click on the photo for a closer look.
Only one available.
MTIP0816Q   $58.88

KL100-DSB Lowell KL100-DSB Keyed Volume Control

Lowell Logo
Lowell keyed volume control, model KL-100DSB. 100W volume control with key switch and one-gang wall plate. Patented design secures volume settings for critical paging and emergency systems. For single or multiple speaker lines. New in the original box.
Only one available.
KL100DSB   $36.88

T3115BGM Paso T3115BGM Paging Amplifier

Paso Logo
This paging amplifier has 15 watts of power, 4 input channels and 2 output zones. Lots of other features as well. New in the original box.
Shipping on this item is only $10 (U S addresses).
Only one available.
T3115BGM   $68.88

A-903MK2 TOA A-903MK2 Amplifier

TOA Logo
Here is a TOA 8 channel microphone mixer and amplifier, model A-903MK2. Pulled from a working environment and is in good condition. Works well and includes an RCA input module and the rack ears as shown.
Shipping on this item is only $10 (U S addresses).
Only one available.
A903MK2   $58.88

DE1210 DE-1210 Digital Multimeter
Deree Logo
Every tool kit needs a digital multimeter and the Deree Model 1210 is a great choice. Ruggedly built but affordably priced. It has a large LCD display, with a peak hold feature and a wide range of settings to fit almost any testing situation. Comes with battery and test leads.
Click on the photo for a closer look.
Only three left!
DE-1210   Was $34.95, now only $12.88

WIL95 IL95 Phone Amplifier

The Clearsounds IL95 phone amplifier connects to any land-line telephone in seconds with the included cable. Allows for boosting the handset signal up to 40 dB and has a separate tone control. It is powered by an AC adapter, which is included, so no batteries to replace.
Click on the photo for a closer look.
Only one left!
WIL95   Was $34.95, now only $8.88

TEL 008 RingMax Amplified Phone Ringer

Williams Logo
If you have difficulty hearing the phone ring, the RingMax can help. The RingMax is an amplified phone ringer that lets you customize your phone ring for better hearing. With the RingMax, you can quickly and easily increase the volume, then set the tone and "warble" to a pitch that's best for you. Four specially selected tone settings emphasize those frequencies easiest to hear. Total sound output is 95 dB SPL at 1 meter. The RingMax is perfect for the shop, garage or other noisy environments. Also has a bright LED indicator as well as the audible alert. Comes with batteries, cable and hardware.
These are new units with less than perfect packaging.
Limited quantities.
TEL 008   Was $39.00, now only $8.88

WR100 WR100 Phone Ringer

The Walker WR100 is an extra loud telephone ringer with adjustable ring volume and tone. Also includes a bright red visual ringer light. Has a slide volume control and the volume goes up to 95dB. Portable, no batteries required. Easily connects to any land line telephone with the included cable.
Click on the photo for a closer look.
Only two left!
WR100   Was $19.95, now only $4.88