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12 Reasons To Buy From Crow River Audio:

No. 12 We want to make your life easier so we have made shipping costs easy to figure out. Most orders ship for $9.00 by FedEx/Ground or USPS Priority Mail. But, if you place an order for $500.00 or more the shipping is free! Can't get much easier than that. (These rates are for orders shipped to U.S. addresses.)

No. 11 We know that schedules are tight and that you need product fast. Over 95% of orders placed on-line ship the next business day. And rush shipments are always a possibility by FedEx or UPS Next Day Air. Just call and request it.

No. 10 The phones here at CRA are staffed by real people. No voice mail trees to navigate. And if it you do get sent to voice mail your call will be returned fast, by someone who will be able to help you.

No.  9 Here at CRA we carry all the major brands of hearing assistance and language translation equipment.
More choices to better meet your needs.
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No.  8 There are lots of companies out there selling gear. Here at CRA we have made the house of worship market our emphasis, both from experience in working with the equipment in churches for over 35 years and a passion to do what we can to allow the Word to be heard.

No.  7 Making your life and your CRA ordering experience easier is our goal. To that end we have a toll free number for you to use (888-596-4992), a secure shopping cart system so that you can place your order on-line in the middle of the night or on Saturday afternoon if that works better for you and we take all the major credit cards.

No.  6 Do you have questions about hearing assistance for your venue? Hearing assistance or assistive listening systems and accessories, tour guide applications, language translation requirements and questions about ADA compliance are all areas of expertise for the staff at CRA. Even if you have equipment purchased somewhere else, we can assist you in getting it working in the most efficient way to meet your needs.

No.  5 CRA saves you money with our private label line of products called AvPRO. We have over 3 decades of experience sourcing great quality products from all over the world and can save you money on the commodity items that you need such as earphones, headphones and microphones. All are engineered to be compatible with the different brands of hearing assistance equipment. Try it the next time you need to order. We think that you will be pleasantly surprised at the quality and savings.

No.  4 "Why buy new when gently used will do?" That phrase says it all. Save money with our inventory of previously-owned, refurbished hard of hearing, language translation and tour guide equipment. All guaranteed to function to factory specifications for about half of the cost of new equipment. And all systems, transmitters and receivers come with a money back guarantee and a one year parts and labor warranty. Buy with confidence! To jump to the section of the web site that shows available equipment, click here.

No.  3 Most audio companies just ship you what you order. We go beyond the ordinary by testing the products that we carry, not just to be better informed on how they operate but also to make sure that you are buying the best product for the money. One out of every 100 earphones and headphones that we purchase gets tested using a TEF 20 audio analyzer to make sure that it meets the engineering standard for that product. This includes all the different manufacturers that we distribute. All transmitters and receivers are checked before shipment to ensure that they are operating properly and are tuned to the correct frequency. We go the extra mile to help make sure that when you go to use the product for the first time it functions as it should.

No.  2 When you go to purchase equipment, with hard-earned money, you want to make sure that the company you pick knows what they are doing. At CRA, we have over 35 years of working with all the different types of hearing assistance equipment. That's only seven years shy of when the industry was born in 1976. Give us a try. You just might find your long term partner for all your hearing assistance, language translation and tour guide needs.

No.  1 Roger And the number one reason is that Crow River Audio is the only place that you can get Roger. Roger holds the title of Managing General Partner but in actuality wears many hats. With over 35 years of experience in the area of electronics manufacturing, and especially hearing assistance equipment, Roger is here to answer your questions and solve your problems. Give him a call and put his knowledge of assistive listening products to the test.